These large SUBSTIWOOD fountains are 6 ft tall and have four layers. The largest layer on the bottom has a diameter of approximately 4 ft. All fountains include a water pump. This fountain weighs half of the comparable fountains made with conventional concrete. Thus, it is much easier to transport and install. The heaviest piece (i.e. the bottom bowl) weighs about 300 lbs. The Substiwood material is shatter resistant unlike conventional concrete. Call us for all your custom and/or special fountain needs.

Four-Tier Bowls Fountain (Size: 60 in high x 60 in wide) Three-Tier Bowls Fountain (Size: 26 in high x 40 in wide). Also comes with globe on top as in 4-tier foutain.

Classic Italian Fountain (Size: 72 in high x 48 in wide)

Classic Italian Fountain (Size: 72 in high x 48 in wide)

Planter Fountain (must be placed in a pond or other water container)

Seahorse Bird Bath (Size: 72 in high x 27 in)

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