Our beautiful Substiwood indoor furniture are made with our patented fiber-reinforced lightweight concrete material. A variety of color choices are available (see below). We make custom sizes and designs as well. All indoor furniture come with a pre-applied protective coating. Contact us for your custom / special needs.

Substiwood Dining Table

The dining table is 40 inches wide, and 6 ft long. The top surface is 30 inches from the floor. The top surface can be solid (without openings), or have two openings covered with transparent dark glass. See our indoor furniture brochure here.

Concrete Dining Table

Substiwood Console Table, End Table (Side Table), and Coffee Table

The console table is approximately 50 inches long and 16 inches wide. The top surface is approximately 32 3/4 inches from the floor.  The end table top is round and has a diameter of 25 3/4 in, and the top surface is 25 1/2 inches from the floor. The coffee table is approximately 20 inches wide, 48 in long, and the top surface is 17 inches from the floor.

Concrete End Table (Side Table)

Concrete Console Table

Concrete Coffee Table

Substiwood Round Table and Desk

The round table (shown here with custom colors) has a diameter of 42 inches, and the top surface is 30 inches from the floor. The desk is 29 inches wide and approximately 58 inches long, and the top surface is 30 inches from the floor.

Concrete Desk

Concrete Round Table (shown with custom 3-tone colors)


Standard Colors for Indoor Furniture (Custom single or multi-tone colors also available)

Code F01 - Two Tone Brown/Black

Code F02 - Two Tone Blue/Black Code F03 - Two Tone Red/Black Code F04 - Two Tone Green/Black

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