SUBSTIWOOD pavers come in 24 x 24 in., 16 x 16 in., or 18 x 18 in. square sizes with a thickness of 2 inches. Substiwood pavers weigh approximately 40% less than the corresponding conventional concrete products. The 24 x 24 in pavers weigh about 56 lbs each (approximately 14 psf), and the 16 x 16 in pavers weigh approximately 25 lbs each . These pavers can be used as lightweight pavers for a number of applications.  For color choices, see color page.

Paver types (Roof Pavers and Patio Pavers)

Rock Pattern (available in 18x18 in & 24x24 in) Keyhole Pattern (available in 24x24 in)
Diagonal Brick Pattern Diamond Pattern
Brick pattern (available in 16x16 in)

Paver Applications in Green Roofs and Patio Applications

Brick-pattern pavers for a patio
Pavers on a roof garden Custom pavers for a public walkway

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Substiwood, Inc. does not make any representation and disclaims any responsibility related to soundness or propriety of any product application, installation method, or structure. The purchaser should consult its own structural engineer, architect, contractor or installer regarding such issues.

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