The SUBSTIWOOD line of patented high-performance fiber-reinforced lightweight concrete products introduced by Substiwood, Inc. is designed to offer the construction industry a durable and cost effective alternative to wood and conventional concrete that is tough, durable, nailable, and sawable. There are a great variety of  applications for this revolutionary SUBSTIWOOD technology. Substiwood, Inc. is the recipient of the 2005 Wisconsin Governor's New Product Award Certificate of Merit for the "Outstanding Development of Concrete Lumber" Products. SUBSTIWOOD products are produced in different grades for both structural and non-structural applications.

Saw1.jpg (148364 bytes) Nail1.jpg (101704 bytes)
Sawable! Nailable!


The following picture also demonstrates the toughness and energy dissipation characteristics of SUBSTIWOOD products. Several 40-caliber bullets were shot at one of our 2-inch-thick paver units from a distance of approximately twenty feet. None of the bullets exited the paver and there was no shattering of the Substiwood paver.   The back of the test paver did not show any indication of the bullet impact.

Bullets lodged in 2-inch-thick Substiwood paver without shattering.



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