Modular Retaining Wall System

The SUBSTIWOOD® retaining wall system consists of three interlocking types of blocks: base, main, and cap. Each retaining wall main block covers approximately 1 sq. ft., has a length of 2 ft. The cap block has a rounded face brick pattern. Pilaster columns and caps for retaining walls are also available. Two types of pilaster caps (“brick” pattern and “globe”) are available. Pilasters are typically placed at wall corners and at general spacing of 8-12 ft. Curved 6-ft and 7.5-ft radius blocks (inside and outside curves) are also available! For color choices, see color page.

Columns (Piers) and Caps

Use these columns with your signs (shown below) or with metal fencing. A foundation must be used to support the columns. These unit are hollow inside to reduce weight. Two types of caps are available. Contact us for other sizes and designs.


12″x12″ square          16″x16″ square          20″x12″ rectangle          20″x20″ square          24″x16″ rectangle          24″x24″ square          18″ round

Garden / Lawn (Outdoor) Furniture

These beautiful products are made with our SUBSTIWOOD® material. Contact us for your custom / special needs. The picnic table has a 40-in table diameter and 65 in bench diameter. The top surface is 30 inches from the ground. The total weight is approximately 640 lbs.

Landscaping Border Blocks

Each SUBSTIWOOD® “brick” border block is approximately 2 ft long, includes an equivalent of 9 standard “bricks”, and weighs approximately 24 lbs. 2-ft-radius curved units are also available. They can be used to line your driveways / walkways or to create a border around Substiwood pavers. For color choices, see color page.

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