SUBSTIWOOD® Lawn Edgings

Each straight SUBSTIWOOD® edging unit that contains mowing strip is approximately 24 in. long and weighs approx. 25 lbs. We carry two different types of edgings that contain mowing strip: standard (“brick” pattern) and rope-top. The standard edging includes an equivalent of 7 specially-designed “bricks”. In addition to the straight unit, two-ft and 5-ft radius curved units (inside and outside curves) are available for the standard unit. We also offer inside and outside corner unit for transitions at 90 degree corners. For the rope-top models with mowing strip, straight and 2-ft radius units are available. Finally, we offer small rope-top edgings without the mowing strip. These edgings come in 9-inch lengths and can be used to achieve a variety of curved lines. For color choices, see color page.




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