NEW: Our new planter-sign base product is unique and can beautify your parking lots. This innovative product uses our one-of-a-kind patented material and design that you cannot find elsewhere. These planter-sign bases weigh 160 lbs (without soil), and have a diameter of 18 in and height of approximately 12 in. They come in natural, yellow, and red standard colors. A 6-ft green post (2 lb per ft weight) is included. Other types and sizes of posts including galvanized posts are also available.

Sign Bases

Sign bases and unique sign base-planter combinations available.
Small sign base 135 lbs,
18” diameter base includes a 6-ft post
(2-lbs green). Sign not included.

Planter Combos

Standard colors are natural gray (no color), yellow, and red. Others custom colors are available. Sign base – planter combos weight 155 lbs, with 18” diameter and 12” height base includes a 6-ft post  (2-lbs green).

SUBSTIWOOD® Parking Blocks

SUBSTIWOOD® parking blocks (also commonly known as car stops or wheel stops) are lightweight and attractive. These parking blocks are 6 ft long, are low profile, have attractive “brick” pattern, and come in a variety of integrated colors (including natural). For color choices, see color page. Smooth parking blocks (without brick pattern) are also available. The 6-ft-long blocks weigh approximately 125 lbs. each. Our parking blocks can also be used in combination with our matching lawn edging and paver products.

Parking Blocks

Patented Fiber-Reinforced Concrete 6-ft parking blocks available with pre-drilled holes.
Parking blocks are 6 feet long, weight about 125 lbs, and have decorative “brick” pattern.

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